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The whole chatting/instant messaging ecosystem has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. It was was previously dominated by small number of big service providers (Microsoft, Google), but has new been fragmented into many different protocols by smaller and more agile companies, such as WhatsApp, Kik, SnapChat, etc. Obviously the chat feature of Facebook plays a major role as well. This article aims to cover the over all IM/chatting situation and possibilities using Windows Phone.
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Google has recently released the Android 4.4 KitKat firmware images to the Nexus 7 (2012) devices. The more recent model has this version installed out of the box, but the old version needs to be updated either over the air (OTA), or by reflashing the device manually. The latter method it recommended as it will completely erase the device, but this methdod will also wipe all user data from the device.
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Quite a few Windows Phone users, who are mostly Nokia Lumia owners, have reported somewhat random issues with the Internet Sharing hot spot feature. We have been able to identify at least one issue with the operating system, and a workaround to avoid it.

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Microsoft is now pushing people to merge their Skype and Microsoft (Live, Outlook, Messenger...) accounts and also offering the possibility to sign up with your MS account. In practice the whole merging operation seems like a total disaster, and I highly recommed to keep your accounts separate.
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Make no mistake, this has been the plan all along since Nokia and Microsoft shook hands, making Nokia 100% committed to the Windows Phone platform. And indeed the plan has worked out great for Microsoft, as the announced price of the deal is a real bargain. Note that Microsoft paid far more when acquiring Skype, and so did Nokia when it invested in NAVTEQ (which remains as the property of Nokia).
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Back in the days when I was making the switch from Windows to Linux, the KDE 3.5 was my favorite desktop environment. Most likely the reason was that it resembled the Windows much more than Gnome 2.x, the other major alternative. Things changed however with the launch of KDE 4, which was nothing short of confusing, resource hungry and terribly unstable, resulting in an awful user experience. I got used to Gnome 2.x and found Ubuntu to be the best distribution for me.
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Nokia has recently introduced their 2nd smartphone that features the 41 megapixel 'monster camera' sensor. By default the device however outputs 5Mpix images  and is advertised to feature 3x zoom. How do they achieve this and what technologies are applied to get these results? Here are a few common questions answered.
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Internet operators have been actively blocking the website and many of their other domain names as well. There is however an easy way around this.

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This article was originally published on the old back in 2008. Things have not changed much in the last five years and this article was requested, so here is a re-issue of the original piece!

USB pen drive is an excellent medium for transferring and watching you HD video content on PS3 – it’s reusable, portable, fast, and convenient. And with the mkv2vob app you can convert your .MKV video file to PS3 compliant AVCHD format. You’ll be watching your video on PS3 in 5 minutes – read on!

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A combination of .flac and .cue files is a highly popular format in backing up or sharing music. It is especially suitable for creating backups of your music collection, as it offers 100% original sound quality, unlike for example the MP3 format. The .flac audio files are typically accompanied by a .cue file, which is used to store the CD track layout information. Handling these files however can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially on the Linux platform.

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